Based in the South West, I enjoy travelling around Cornwall and Devon, visiting the coastline and countryside.
I rarely travel without taking photos, even if it is a place I go to regularly, simply because I love seeing how the landscape changes.
The tide gives and takes from the beach; one day the sand ripples in delicate patterns, the next reveals rock formations that have been covered for months. As the seasons and the weather changes so does the appearance of the land. Being outside inspires me to be creative and capture it in different ways – usually by taking an excessive number of photographs, but also by drawing or painting the places, people, or things I encounter.
Take a look through my Portfolio to see some of the beautiful views I have experienced, as well as some of the projects I completed at Falmouth University.

Besides my love for the outdoors I work freelance, providing package shoots for Weddings, Portrait sessions and Business product & location photography.
Weddings are wonderful events to capture and I particularly love seeing how relatives and friends celebrate together.
Similarly, portraiture expresses a relationship or bond either between those within the photograph or the person receiving it.
So far, I have not had much experience with human models, more so a furry kind which are equally fun to capture.
For a business image is everything, it is what attracts attention and brings people to whatever is on offer.
For examples of these, check out my Commission portfolio with my pricing packages.

If you like my work, get in touch to make an order or enquiry for a commission.